Prasuti & Stri Roga


Prasuti and Strirog branch of Ayurveda mainly deals with ideal guidelines to be followed during pregnancy. The mother should be healthy as her health is directly related to the health of  the new born. This was very well understood by the seers of the past. They have covered the health aspects of the mother of the new born under the branch of Kaumarbhritya. The gynaecology  and obstertrics come under the streams of Strirog and Prasuti Tantra respectively.

According to Ayurveda, the nutrition, lifestyle and thought process of the pregnant  woman directly affect the development of the fetus. Ayurveda also states the ideal guidelines that are supposed to be followed in order to accomplish complication free delivery. This branch also deals with symptoms and remedies of diseases related particularly to women.


Department of Prasuti Tantra & Stri- Roga (Obstetrics-Gynaecology )

Theoretical, practical applications and treatment of diseases related to before, during and after the pregnancy period.

  • Study the fundamental principles of diagnosis with modern methodology of diseases and treatment of female patients suffering from genital disorders.
  • Practical approach of care with Ayurvedic treatment modalities for improvement of quality life of female patients and also expected mother with Garbha Samskar, Pumsavan Karma and suitable Yogic practice.

List of Equipment

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Dr. Lunawat

Dr Umesh Lunawat


Dr. Chintalwar

Dr Vishakha Chintalwar


Dr. Nandankar

Dr Namrata Nandankar


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Dr Vaibhav Khirodkar