Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities


The main motto of extracurricular activities is personality development. These are the activities which promotes students to take up their study in a healthy manner. All-round development as well as intellectual development is not the domain of curriculum, these characteristics can be judiciously fulfilled by co-curricular activities. Extracurricular activities include bands, sports, student newspaper, literary, acting & drama, music, cultural activities.


There are following importance of extracurricular activities:

  • The classroom teaching-learning environment get strengthens by extracurricular activities.
  • No doubt, classroom teaching is utmost important, yet for aesthetic development, character enrichment, spiritual and physical growth, extracurricular activities are equally relevant.
  • The features and traits like extempore expression, speech fluency, co-ordination & communication, adjustments, etc, get empowered with co-curricular activities.
  • Extracurricular activities enable the students to express themselves freely. Inculcate the values of co-operation.
  • It is a means of developing skills and competence. Different extracurricular activities have their own significance i.e. Debate helps to generate ideas and giving reasons and counter-reasons.
  • Sometimes, learning-teaching become monotonous; this can be changed into pleasant atmosphere by participating in extra-curricular activities.
  • Co-curricular activities helps to prepare you  for your future challenge.
  • Extracurricular activities enable to groom the students for future leadership.


Extracurricular Activity Benefits and Advantages

  • Students get inter-mingle with different peer groups during these activities which satisfy the needs of socialization, self-assessment and self-identification.
  • Extra-curricular activities requires sacrifice and control which ultimately helps in grooming your balanced personality.
  • Field trips, travelling, and tour helps to know about other places, people, customs and cultures.
  • These activities provide the opportunities to adjust themselves with other people.
  • It helps in the proper channelization of physical health.

Extra-curricular activities provide motivation for learning.

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