Hospital Details

Smt. Vimladevi Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is run by SGSPM’s trust since 2010 & is having its own 100 bedded Hospital which is constructed in 41304 area as per MSR of Central Council and is located just 2 to 3 km away from Chandrapur city. Hospital is having full time consultants of all specialties of Ayurveda will full fledged General OT (Major & Minor), separate OT for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Labour Room and Panchakarma center. It is also providing round the clock service for Casualty, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology and Ambulance services. We also use medicines which are prepared at our own Rasashala (Pharmacy).

Hospital has NRHM, Manav Vikas Abhiyan Project which is under the supervision of Civil Surgeon Dist. Hospital Chandrapur, Health Officer ZP Chandrapur, Dist. Malaria Officer ZP Chandrapur, Dist. Filaria officer ZP Chandrapur.

We have adopted 5 nearby villages – Chhota Nagpur, Sonegaon, Datala, Morwa, and Dhanora where we are giving health facilities and Swasthrakshan program.

In emergency, our Hospital admits the patient immediately and provides all the “Essential Medical Facilities” for all life saving emergency treatment and procedure till stabilization.

The Hospitals provides following non billable services free to the indigent patients.

2.RMO Services
3.Nursing Care
6.Electricity and
7.House Keeping Services.

Our Hospital Has the Following O.P.D & I.P.D.
•Kayachikitsa. (Medicine)
•Strirog Prasuti Tantra (Gynecology & Obstetrics)
•Shalya Tantra. (Surgery)
•Shalakya Tantra (E.N.T., Ophthalmology & Dental)
•Kaumarbhritya (Paediatrics)
•Swastharakshan OPD

Following Essential Facilities Are Available In The Hospital.
•Radiology department including X-Ray, E.C.G.
•Pathology Laboratory
•State – of – the – art Operation Theatres.
•Physiotherapy Unit
•Ambulance Services
•Round the clock treatment for the patients & nursing care
•Ayurvedic & Modern Pharmaceutical Shop
•24 hours Emergency services

•To achieve an excellent holistic approach & treatment to community by Ayurveda.

•To provide safest & holistic health facility for all.
•We will ensure that all our patients receive the best care possible and so our ambition is to provide care that compares with the best, not only in our city but also in all over the country.
•Be a front runner in research, innovation and education
•Achieve financial sustainability