The Library is a centre of knowledge, which quenches the thrust of our faculty and students. Our library is one of the oldest and is a mine of printed and electronic learning materials, housed in well ventilated spacious halls with pleasant atmosphere. It is adequately equipped with specially designed furniture's. We have subscribed sufficient number of books including reference books, periodicals, national, international & technical journals for enriching the knowledge of faculties & students. Our library is rich and catering the needs of Under Graduate. We have made separate seating arrangement for our staff, boy’s & girl students, library processing room and computer section.

Total collection of Documents:

Medical Journals 30
Modern medicine and Related Books 1033
Others 173
No of computers with internet facility 12



The SVAMCH is also having museums with large numbers of specimens, models and charts etc.

 The following departments are also having museums with large numbers of specimens, models and charts etc.

o     Rachana Sharir

o     Kriya Sharir

o     Dravyagun Vidnyan

o     Rasashastra Bhaishajya Kalpana

o     Rognidan

o    Swasthavritta

o    Agadtantra

o    Samhita Siddhant

o    Kaychikitsa

o    Balrog

o    Shalya Shalakya

o    Strirog & Prasutitantra department as per the norms of Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi.


For conducting practicals and experiments for Under Graduate the college has following sophisticated and fully equipped laboratories

  • Kriya Sharir Laboratory.
  • Rachana Sharir Laboratory / Dissection Hall.
  • Dravyagun Laboratory.
  • Rasashastra Bhaishajya Kalpana Laboratory.
  • Rognidan Laboratory.

Though Ayurveda and other systems have their own diagnostic tools, modern medical technology is used to improve the ancient principles. In these clinical laboratories, many useful investigations are carried out. This helps in validating the diagnosis made on the basis of Ayurvedic principles and also helps in monitoring the progress in treatment. Our staff and technicians manning these laboratories helps the clinical students to obtain practical approach to diagnosis.

Herbal Garden:

SVAMCH also maintains herbal garden in 3 acres of land with proper irrigation facility.

Total no. of species 274
Total no. of medicinal plants 2120


SVAMCH provides separate residential accommodations are provided for boys and girl students. All the required amenities are provided as well. The care of these students is taken by the rector, who is specially appointed to look after them round the clock.
Rooms have basic amenities like table, chair, cupboard, bed, blankets, pillow etc. we have
24 hrs water supplies, drinking water is supplied through Aqua guard. TV facility is provided as well. Heaters are provided in each and every bathroom. Dining hall is available for dinners and lunch.
There are lady guards who guard the girls’ hostel 24 hours in 3 shifts. Through cleaning is done by our employees.

Total No. of Intake
Girls 111
Boys 51