Yatharth Vaidya Nirman (यथार्थ वैद्य निर्माण )

Bhartiya Gyan Parampara has always focused on building excellence in skills & skill sets that are vocational and complete. The wellness education system expects Vaidya, a person to have the remedy for all sorts of problems. This needs an understanding of different verticals of treatment, patient-treatment compliance, psychology, feasibility, execution time estimation & sustainability. A multi-dimensional practicing health issue solver can be termed as Vaidya.

To recreate such experts, the institution has adopted training on many alternative & supportive medical therapies that would help BAMS graduates to practice independently.

This vision is executed in a structured format of certificate Courses. These certificate Courses include:

  1. Basic Principals of Panchakarma Courses.
  2. Ksharsutra Certification Courses.
  3. Short Scientific Garbhasanskar Courses.
  4. Naturopathy Citification Courses.
  5. Energy heading hand Position Mudra Courses.
  6. Short Courses of Yoga.
  7. Prakurti Parikshan Short Certificate Courses.
  8. Certificate Program in Spoken Sanskrit.
  9. An Introduction of Indian Philosophy Courses.
  10. Exploring the Science of Marma.
  11. Short Certificate Course of Kriyakalpa.
  12. Short Certificate Course of Emergency Medicine.

These courses are spread over 4 years of BAMS and planned in such a way that students can participate in these courses without hampering routine studies. Each course has a theory, practical, examination, and certification phases.

Salient features of a few courses :

  1. Panchakarma Course helps students understand the basics of Panchakarma and its practical applicability as it is an essential procedure that helps students deeply understand the subject and improve their practice.
  2. The Garbhasanskar Course instills knowledge about the concept and Practicality of Scientific Gharbhasanskar and educates the students on how to nurture. The personality and character of an urban child inside the mother and attempts to establish Garbhasanskar as the gold standard protocol.
  3. Course on Emergency medicine and instill in them, professionalism and ideas of effective care of emergency patients which will further help them build the skill necessary to become efficient doctors in the future.

It is a matter of honor for this institute that due to these courses, the students are aware of how the learned syllabus can be useful in actual practice. The alumni students of the college uses such supporting courses in real-life service.

This approach leads to the propagation of Ayurveda practice & alumni’s working frame gets aligned with the basic purpose of Ayurveda :

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थरक्षणाम् - आतुरस्य विकार प्रशनम्

To protect the health of the healthy person 

and cure the disease of the patients.

The effort of the teachers in executing these impactful courses, transforming skills, and in-depth study is appreciated.

List Of Short Courses






Sanskrit          Spoken



Prakruti Parikshan

Rachana          Sharir